Why Black mirror will tell you the future of Virtual Reality.

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Do you think VR (Virtual Reality) is dead or is it here to stay? If you have seen “Black Mirror” you know the answer. If you want a surprise just go at the end, Netflix made a video to explain what I am about to write.

In another episode (“The entire story of you”) our tech hero, Liam foxwell, reviews his workday and also his relationship with his wife through a device that keeps memories and lets people play them back again whenever they want. They can also stream the memories to tv screens and share them with friends.

Something bad always happens with these technologies around. This is another reason why it is a magnificent tv series the one we are talking about.

The trust of a man for his wife becomes weaker when he can look at all the details of the conversations she has with other men. Another person uses this trick to get help from experts to find girls.

Is it not so much different from now, when employers are able to control their workers with webcams or girls can see where the boyfriend went out with the boys. The fact we post all our party nights out or holidays with friends make us vulnerable to thieves that know when we are at home or not.
Everyone also knows what we do, what car we drive, what bathroom we do have, thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and social networks in general.

Social networks are growing. The goal is to connect everyone in the world, as confirmed both in the words of Mark Zukenberg and the statistics you can find easily over the web:
Why do we need virtual reality then? Think of a father that goes on a business trip to a foreign country and his children want to see him. Is it not nice that you can talk with your children or your dear friends using Skype even when you are 20 hours flight away?

Would you not be pleased to be there beside them or better on their same spot, seeing what they see? Almost feeling you can hug them.
We already have devices that give us the chance for that, they just need a bit more development.
VR is one of them, but how?
With 360 cameras we are already able to record around us and be somewhere else, see through the eyes of someone else. Have you tried to watch Youtube 360 video or Facebook 360? Try it, ask a friend very far from you to make a 360 video and then put some VR glasses on to watch it. Then tell me if you believe in the Black Mirror future prediction.
Or in Netflix’s prediction: