Telport Vr - just like teleport

Since the dawn of literature and science fiction, before Isaac Asimov, before Jules Verne, mankind has had the desire to travel the world and to travel throught time, now with VR we have the real chance to do something that gets very very close to it...

The future of Virtual reality: Telport “The Masterplan”

the dawn

If you look at the title there is a letter missing in the word teleport, of course that is a wanted mistake.

The uncorrectly written word telport is to underline the fact that you cannot really teleport yourself wherever you want, but you could do something very similar...

Why Black mirror will tell us the future of Virtual Reality


Do you think VR (Virtual Reality) is dead or is it here to stay? If you have seen “Black Mirror” you know the answer. If you want a surprise just go at the end, Netflix made a video to explain what I am about to write.

“Nothing is too real”...

VR mobile, just like teleport.


How would it be if you were able to transport yourself on the other side of the planet in just 10 seconds?
What would you do once there?

What if a friend of yours decided to help you do this?
There is only one device that allows teleportation, and that device is

Do you want to know how it works?

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