The future of Virtual reality: Telport

“The Masterplan”

If you look at the title there is a letter missing in the word teleport, of course that is a wanted mistake.

The uncorrectly written word telport is to underline the fact that you cannot really teleport yourself wherever you want, but you could do something very similar, and that something is to teleport yourself with virtual reality.

Dead like 3d?
Then again you can ask yourself about the future of this technology.
Is it good, is it bad, will it be like 3D pictures and movies, a technology that doesn’t have anything interesting to say anymore?

I didn’t know this but I do know that everyone want to be connected to their friends and family and to their loved ones.
We all want to be close with someone, and see other places and people. We wanto to travel the world, and we would love to have a telport experience, something that brings us wherever we want to go.

Have you tried Google Cardboard?
If you have not tried it yet you should try virtual reality. At least something cheaper, like the Google cardboard version.

So, what’s in this teleport? You will have to try it, you have see with your own eyes, because if you don’t, you will not experience it and will not say wow! Like I said the first time.

The idea is that in the next two years you will be able to speak with anyone anywhere, see with their eyes and hear with their fingers( they are developing gloves), I’m not I’m not even sure that you could even be able to smell with their nose too(we have to verify the news yet (

But before we arrive there we need something that makes us connect, and the only thing that connects us all and at least two billion people on this Earth is the smart phone.
The only way to have Virtual Reality for everyone would only be if we bring the virtual reality to the smartphone.

What if I could be in China then in Canada and finally in Paris in just 2 seconds?
I imagine that you would be able to take out your phone from your pocket take a picture, record yourself and send it to the internetsphere! What about the rest of your friends? you will be able to do that’s what I just said with a whatsapp like app.

At TeleportVR we are experimenting the first step of these these many steps.
At last we will be able to navigate through the pictures and videos but at first we just need you to take simple 360 degrees pictures.
Once you can do a very powerful device will sit in your pocket and you will be able to experience the Telport.